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best web hosting for beginners

Beginners are mostly confused when it comes to hosting. Many companies claim to provide the best web hosting for beginners, but do they? Choosing the hosting plan completely depends on how huge your website is going to be. Therefore, a little research is important. See the bandwidth and storage before picking the one. Also, must ask your hosting provider if there is any hidden cost.

Picking web hosting assumes a fundamental part of the outcome of your site. Furthermore, that is the reason committing any error in choosing the best web hosting will gravely influence your site.

Let’s suppose that you pick the wrong hosting provider. In such a case, your site will go down and users cannot find your website. Also, you will likewise lose every one of the clients. That’s why choosing the best hosting provider is important.

best web hosting for beginners

Understand The Hosting Types

1- Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most famous choice, particularly for independent companies and individual sites. This innovation permits numerous sites to share the assets of a solitary web hosting server. The particular number of websites hosted on one server fluctuates enormously between the different hosting providers.

While each webpage’s records are kept independently so just the site owner can alter them. Each of the websites can access assets, for example, storage, CPU, memory, etc. But shared hosting comes with a downside. Let’s say one of all websites has some virus in it. It can affect your website too and it is called a BAD NEIGHBOR EFFECT. It’s very rare and shared hosting is still considered the best web hosting for beginners.

2- VPS

VPS Hosting is a great deal like cloud hosting. The difference is that your site gets its devoted assets from the server. While you don’t get the entire server to yourself, the assets that are allotted to your site are 100 percent your own.

A great many people will be in an ideal situation with the cloud facilitating approach since it offers more adaptable versatility. That is, it’s simpler to add more assets to your server if necessary. Regardless of that, you actually will see a lot of facilitating suppliers promoting VPS hosting, so it’s important to be familiar with this kind of hosting.

3- Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting, your site gets its own devoted assets on an immense network of PCs called “the cloud”.

low cost web hosting

That is one of the vital contrasts between cloud facilitating and shared facilitating — rather than sharing assets, you get assets that are 100 percent committed to your site. This for the most part prompts further developed execution since you don’t need to stress over another person’s sites influencing your site.

Cloud hosting additionally offers magnificent dependability since there’s a network of PCs fueling everything, instead of a weak link. Cloud facilitating is one of the quickest developing kinds of hosting.

4- Dedicated Hosting

It offers you root admittance to your site, and you don’t impart assets to any other person. Accordingly, you get higher speed, uptime, and generally speaking site execution.

With complete specialized control on the server settings, you can introduce any product, change setups, and play with other stuff. You get more assets, adaptability, and strong highlights for your site.

Also, dedicated hosting is costly and can cost you many dollars each month. It is not a low-cost web hosting. Moreover, you must know all the technicalities and how to handle the server with dedicated hosting.

5- Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners

Managed WordPress hosting is a kind of hosting that handles every one of the technical aspects of keeping up with your website. It resembles employing a web admin working to the greatest advantage of your site.

Running your own site is muddled and a ton of work. To guarantee that your site moves along as expected, you should perform explicit undertakings consistently, like reviews and updates.

On the off chance that you have a WordPress site, you ought to search out managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting resembles recruiting a web administrator who’s knowledgeable about WordPress. But you’re probably employing a whole group of WordPress specialists. This group is centered around advancing your site so it performs well and conveys an inconceivable user experience.

5.1- Benefits Of Managed WordPress Web Hosting

  1. Cost-Effective – Indeed, managing WordPress hosting is more costly than a shared hosting plan, however, it will set aside your time and cash. As you don’t need to do everything yourself, choosing managed WordPress hosting is an efficient move.
  2. No Burden – What do you do when your eCommerce site is down on your shared plan?
    This bad dream frequently occurs during the most active shopping days of the year. What’s more, when your site is down, you’re losing web hosting for beginners However, assuming you have managed WordPress hosting, you don’t need to stress over vacations. Your group of specialists will guarantee that your WordPress site is basically never down. Moreover, that assurance and inward feeling of harmony are most certainly worth the cost.
  3. Secure – With managed WordPress hosting, WordPress experts will do regular updates to shield your site from hackers. Websites are getting attacked every other day. Choosing managed WordPress hosting secures your data and website from going into someone else’s hands. 
  4. Technically Managed – The greatest advantage of managed WordPress hosting is that your group of WordPress specialists really deals with your site’s backend. With help, you realize that you don’t have to stress over introducing your site to a server, distinguishing and investigating spam messages, or other essential tasks. Your managed host will do everything for you.

Apachis Web Hosting

Apachis is providing the best and most low-cost web hosting for beginners and advanced players. There are a lot in Apachis’ hosting plans. Whether you are doing your very own small business or having a huge online store, Apachis hosting plans are everything. Additionally, you can have a free domain or a whole 1 year if you subscribe to any of our hosting plans. These are perfect and cost-efficient and you can anytime upgrade your service.

1- Apachis Basic Hosting Plan

If you want just 1 website to host, this package is perfect for you. It is just $3.99 per month and includes 1 free domain for a whole year. Moreover, you can create a maximum of 3 databases.

The basic plan offers 4240 MBs of disk space with 3576 MBs of monthly bandwidth, free auto SSL, 1 free website migration, free LiteSpeed, and lifetime support. This is exactly what you call the best web hosting for beginners.

2- Apachis eCommerce Store Plan

This plan includes all features of the basic plan with upgraded disc space to 10240 MBs per month and bandwidth to 10857 MBs per month. And it costs just $4.99 monthly.

best web hosting for beginners

3- Apachis Standard Hosting Plan

This is an advanced hosting package for up to 3 websites for just $6.99 per month including all the best features. For example, 20240 MBs of disc space and 30240 MBs of monthly bandwidth. What else? You can create 20 Max SQL databases with our business plan with all benefits of the basic plan.

4- Apachis Business Hosting Plan

This is my personal favorite plan where you can host up to 7 websites with 35840 MBs of disc space and 30240 MBs of bandwidth. Surprisingly, you can create unlimited SQL databases. Moreover, you are getting a 1-year free domain, free SSL, 1 free migration, LiteSpeed, and lifetime support.

You can check all plans here!

Final Words

Don’t worry! Taking time getting the best web hosting for beginners is natural. Search as much as you can and then decide where you should go. You must know what type of web hosting you need and you’ll decide better hosting package then. Don’t forget to check Apachis web hosting plans because ours are convenient and cost-effective.

Best Monthly Web Hosting Plans 

best monthly web hosting plans

Is it true that you are considering getting a site intended for your business? If yes, you need to have the best monthly web hosting plans. Most of the time, people are confused between web hosting and domain name. So, let’s see an example from the real world to remove that confusion beginners usually have.

Just like you have a name and live in a house, the same is the case with domain and hosting. A domain name is the actual address of your website, and hosting is where your website is going to live.

Now, when you feel the need to have a website, you need a domain name and web hosting. You can either have your domain and hosting from the same or different companies.


Best Monthly Web Hosting Plans 

Ideally, you have the fundamental idea of web hosting from the above-given clarification. Allow us now to consider how it attempts to get the major working system.

While you are thinking about web hosting, you want to assess the specific space that your site pages, web pictures, coding documents, information base, and other site components will expect on the server. In view of this, individuals get web hosting from the organization and pay the assistance charges. Whenever you have done this, your site is made live on the web.

From that point, clients can get to the data introduced on the site via looking from Google or straightforwardly entering your site URL in the search engine. At the point when the clients do this, their PCs are associated with the servers, which return their ideal pages, and here you go!

Moreover, there are different types of web hosting. Cheap web hosting to the expensive ones. Below is the complete description so you can choose the best for your website.


1- Shared Web Hosting

As obvious from the name, it is a shared space where multiple websites live. So, let’s say you sign up for the shared hosting. It means your website is going to live in the shared space where other websites are also been hosted. Also, this is the reason shared hosting is considered the best cheap month to month hosting.

Meanwhile, just for getting you a bit of details insight, shared hosting can have a downside which is very rare by the way.

For instance, if some website is having some trouble or there is some virus going on, your website might get affected. Yes, it is called a ‘BAD NEIGHBOUR EFFECT’. Apachis make sure to give its clients detailed information and this is something we always talk about when comes to shared hosting.


This bad neighbour effect thing doesn’t always harm your website. As I already said, it is a rare thing can we always are here to support your website-related tasks at our end. We are experts and handle these digital troubles all day and every day.

We still recommend shared hosting to beginners also business owners. It is from one of the best monthly web hosting plans.


VPS hosting is similar to and different from shared hosting at the same time. Similar to shared hosting, Virtual Provider Server (VPS) allows you to host multiple websites on a single server. But you are using virtually partitioned spaces, unlike the shared ones. So, let’s say a website is damaged or exposed to some virus, it is not going to affect your website speed or anything.

VPS hosting is a better option regarding performance speed and storage etc. Meanwhile, not having high costs.


Dedicated hosting is a different option from the above two. In this hosting, you buy a dedicated host for your website. There is no need to set limits for resources.

It is very efficient and reliable. Also, dedicated hosting is the best option to choose when you have ultimately grown sites. Big businesses are recommended to get a dedicated host so their resources could remain safe. You have complete privacy and control over your host with dedicated hosting.

Every resource like CPU, bandwidth, speed, and space is dedicated to a single user’s site. Dedicated hosting offers high performance, customization, flexibility, server support and everything you imagine. Personally, I like this hosting very much and for me, it is among the best monthly web hosting plans.


For your business to succeed online today, you need to shuffle everything from advertising, hosting, social handles, security, content creation, and substantially more. This can all immediately become overpowering and exceptionally distressing. You can consider managed WordPress hosting in your monthly hosting plans.

Best Monthly Web Hosting Plans 

Today we need to investigate why picking a WordPress hosting, rather than a common host or little VPS, can be one of the main choices you can make in regards to your site.

Your business merits the best, and a managed WordPress has given you that upper hand. Even the cheapest monthly WordPress hosting plans come with high security and efficient options to use. With managed WordPress hosting you leave all management hassle to the support team and focus on your business.


We keep everything you need from the basic website hosting needs to monthly hosting packages for business.

  • Our basic WordPress hosting is just $3.99 per month. What else? Free and auto SSL with 3 SQL databases and much more. This plan is ideal for new businesses. Secondly, if you have an online store already, pay $4.99 monthly and enjoy the perks of an online store plan. It has all the features like a basic plan for example lifetime support, free migration and free LiteSpeed. But with this plan, you got an upgraded bandwidth of 10857 MB and space of 10240 MB.
  • What if you want to host more than 1 website? We have a solution for you. You are getting 30240 MB of bandwidth with 20240 MB disk space with all features of previous plans. All of this is just for $6.99.
  • Wait a minute! We are not over yet. We also have our business plan on the list of best monthly web hosting plans. $9.20 for 7 websites. Isn’t it great? Of course, right?
  • So, don’t wait and sign up for your favourite hosting plan now.


Keeping everything short, shared hosting is a secure option because it is very cost-effective. Meanwhile, you can upgrade your hosting plan anytime you need and your storage, bandwidth etc. will be increased.

Moreover, if you have a bigger business and don’t want to put yourself in any hassle, VPS or other hustings can do well. Since the technologies are brilliant today, there are rare chances of downtimes and errors. But if any, Apachis got you in seconds. What else do you need?