What is an SSL Certificate? How Does SSL Certificate work?

SSL certificate

As more corporations and organizations provide digital services and purchases, so web encryption becomes both a goal and a requirement to achieve. It is because web encryption guarantees that the information is safe and secure. It also ensures that all transaction information like credit card details is safe and only sent to reputable online firms. But, how to achieve this protection and encryption? It is a common question. Today, I will introduce you to the SSL certificates that will help you protect your business. You will get to know What is an SSL certificate? And all the related information. 

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What is Bandwidth Usage? How to measure Bandwidth Usage?

Bandwidth usage

IIf you are an internet user, you must hear of the term bandwidth. So, what is bandwidth usage? Also, how to measure bandwidth usage? Well, it is quite simple and you’ll get to know about bandwidth in detail by this article. Apachis is providing the best bandwidth options to pick. There are never-ending things included in the packages. You can definitely check these perks in our plans. Stay tuned with the article to have professional knowledge! 

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Website Domain-Why we need a website domain name?

A website domain is the online address of a website that provides access to someone’s online platform. It helps someone to appear actually on the internet like a web page. The domain name system (DNS) translates the website name from the assigned internet protocol (IP) address. For example, the address can be replaced with a domain name such as apachis.com. From this example, we can conclude that it is much simpler to remember domain names than IP addresses.

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