Website Domain-Why we need a website domain name?

A website domain is the online address of a website that provides access to someone’s online platform. It helps someone to appear actually on the internet like a web page. The domain name system (DNS) translates the website name from the assigned internet protocol (IP) address. For example, the address can be replaced with a domain name such as From this example, we can conclude that it is much simpler to remember domain names than IP addresses.

Purpose of Domain Name
The main objective of domain name is to locate your own website with minimum effort by the visitors. It serves as an identity on the internet so it must be descriptive enough to promote your Idea or business. For example, a business having a unique and relevant outlook is more effective and successful than a similar one with a poor appearance. In the same context, a website with an effective and unique domain name is more attractive to the audience than that with an ordinary name.
One important aspect of domain name is to recognize the addresses easily as compared to numerically addressed resources like IP addresses. The flexibility of changing domain names can also be made on the basis of requirements or limitations without having any loss in the data or processed information.

Domain Name Space
The domain names are authorized and assigned under the management of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The domain name space serves as a tree for the names which divide into the further zones.
Top Level Domain – every domain name ends with the top level domain like com, net and org etc. The top level domain usually defines the purpose of the website category. For example, org is used for an organization.
Second Level or Lower Level Domain – The domain name present on the left side of the top level domain is called the second level domain. For example, for, ‘apachis’ is the second level domain. Second level domain defines the company, product or brand name.

Role in Web Hosting
The domain name serves as a part of the uniform resource locator (URL) which helps to directly access the website. For example, if the URL is then
Top-level domain is .com
‘apachis’ is the second-level domain
www is the hostname
Sometimes a domain name may be used for multiple IP addresses which is used to control and manage the audience of large scale websites. Website hosting is the provision of a server on which one or few website domains store their data. Both website domain name and hosting collectively form an online management system for a specific business or brand.

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