What is Web Hosting?

Just imagine that you had a fresh business concept and want to sell blue widgets and build a store somewhere in your town. You may register the name of the shop, obtain a logo, even create some widgets. However, nothing is essential unless you hire an accurate location to put up your store, and this is what web hosting means.

Web hosting is only a facility that lets you lease space on the net, fill it with all your data and media, and open its doors live to the world by publishing your website.

When you launch a website, all of your content, videos, images, buttons, etc., need to be physically placed on a web server. Essentially a commercial computer is connected to the Internet 99.9% of the time (unlike your laptop, for example).

Web hosting businesses have buildings full of these servers and personnel to operate; in addition, they even provide you platforms for design, customer service, safety, and all kinds of tools to make creating and sharing your website more accessible.

When you learn how to establish a website, take care not to mistake hosting a web purchase with purchasing a domain name. In principle, a domain name is only an address where your shop/website is put up.

Web hosting is like the land and infrastructure that allows you to set up and make this store available to anybody on the globe. And your website is like your shop, with all the products that you offer on it.

So if you obtain a domain name without hosting, you’ll see a page that reads “parked” – it’s an address you have, but it doesn’t link anywhere.

And if you buy hosting without your domain name, you’re going to have a place to go, but they can’t locate it.

How to choose the right web hosting package?

There are numerous alternatives for web hosting. If you want to discover whether one is suitable for your company, ask yourself these questions:

What sort of website do you want to host online – a blog, an e-commerce site, a news site, etc.- which will decide how much traffic is expected and how sturdy the infrastructure needed to host your website is?

  • What are your website goals? How quickly do you anticipate yourself growing online?
  • How much do you need to hold hands?

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